A podcast brought to you by Kosciusko Connect. On Connected Conversations, we talk about technology, the internet, and how to navigate the digital world in which we live.

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S2 E3: Wi-Fi Interference Explained

Is Wi-Fi interference messing up your connection? Jaden Moneyhun joins us on the podcast to explain Wi-Fi interference and other sources of connectivity issues. 

S2 E2: The Kosciusko Connect Activity Book for Kids

Kosciusko Connect recently published its first Activity Book for Kids. Designer Haley Donahue joins Andrea on the podcast to discuss the activity book project and onli...

S2 E1: Kosciusko Connect's VoIP Phone Service for Businesses

Andrea welcomes Vice President of Technology & Broadband Curt Barkey and Telecommunications Support Specialist Carrie Jackson to the podcast to discuss Kosciusko Conne...

S1 E9: Highlights from our First 8 Episodes

Join us as we take a look back at some of the interesting conversations that took place throughout the first 8 episodes of the podcast.

S1 E8: All About that App

Have you been utilizing the FREE Kosciusko Connect app? It has some unique features that give subscribers extensive control over their home networks. Haley Donahue joi...

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